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In this book, I will inspire you and motivate you. Plus I will give you the information that you need to succeed in your business. You will learn first hand of what I did to have a successful childcare business.
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You will find out exactly what I went through to
but I went for it and I made a success out of my dream.

This book will include the 24 traits that every childcare business owner must have 

We all know that there’s a particular mindset that you must have in order to be successful not only that but I’m going to make sure that you know the eight numbers that every childcare owner must know in order to track their success 

You’ll also get information on how to choose the right location, information on how to expand your home or expand your group center into a large childcare program

You will find 24 Administrative Steps that must take place at your own desk when parents come in to do business with you.

But this book will also contain information that you need to know in order for you to set up a system to train your staff so you can easily delegate those tasks and focus on what’s most important and that’s building your enrollment

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